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Eggleston Farms

Nestled in the hills of Cynthiana, Kentucky, Eggleston Farms is home to more than 9000 Cornish Rock Hens providing pastured raised locally sourced poultry. Built by owners Keith and Trish Eggleston. The couple has built their operations to be completely transparent, something big-brand producers can't give to their customers. 

Registered Dietitian, Trish continues to endorse the importance of healthy, whole balanced meals. The couple decided to pursue the same values into their farm plans in raising pasture poultry. Currently raising 9000+ Cornish Cross chickens, this breed is a hybrid of your typical Cornish chicken with the White Rock chicken. Known for their feed efficiency and rapid growth, this breed produces delicious, hearty meat perfect for all recipes. The chickens are rotationally grazed and are moved to fresh pastures on a regular basis. We provide only the highest quality of meats in the Northern Kentucky area. 

We raise our flock with only the most humane practices. The chickens have constant access to fresh fields where they are free to roam and range for bugs, grasses, weeds, and grit to aid in their digestion. Raised in an environment they were meant to be. The chickens also have continuous access to fresh, clean water. All our chickens are pasture-raised, non-GMO, and raised without any antibiotics or hormone additives. Eggleston Farms is a Kentucky Proud farm and we stand behind our practices.

We now also have pasture raised pork, all cuts available and pasture raised ducks for duck eggs.