purchase over $30.00 free delivery, use "sausage" for sausage discount
purchase over $30.00 free delivery, use "sausage" for sausage discount
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Hog Shares-Ordering Halves and Whole Pork Shares

Eggleston Farms

Get your Customized Cuts

Advantages to ordering your hog straight from Eggleston Farms: Our animals are pasture raised, grazing off grass and walnuts adding to their meat flavor while receiving a supplemental corn feed which adds some marbling. You can customize all your cuts and you don’t have to worry about running out or price going up. Visit our Facebook and Instagram page for photos of live pigs.

A whole hog share yields approximately 216 pounds of cuts plus 9 to 10 pounds of leaf lard, 10 to 12 pounds of organs & bones and 15 to 20 pounds of back fat.  You will be able to customize your cuts with either Trackside the butcher and Trish Eggleston can help also. For a half hog you need 3.5 cubic feet and for a whole hog you will need 7 cubic feet. 1 cubic foot of freezer space for every 15 pounds of pork. Average pork intake is 66# per person/year.

Half Hog: Tenderloin: 1 lbs, Loin/Chops: 12 lbs (12-15 chops), Bacon: 8-10 lbs, Roasts: 12 lbs  (shoulder-picnic/boston butt), Sausage: 6lbs, Ham: 15 lbs (full ham/steaks/breakfast ham), Smoked Hocks: 5 lbs

Whole Hog: Tenderloin: 2 lbs, Loin/Chops: 24 lbs (20-25 chops), Bacon: 16-20 lbs, Roasts: 24 lbs  (shoulder-picnic/boston butt), Sausage: 12lbs, Ham: 30 lbs (full ham/steaks/breakfast ham), Smoked Hocks: 10 lbs

** If you order bone-in chops you will not receive the baby back ribs

** Each sausage flavor needs minimal of 25# each flavor:

 plain/mild/medium/hot/extra hot/extra sausage/maple/chorizo and Italian

How much does it cost? You pay the farm $4.25 per pound based on live weight for half the hog and $3.99 per pound for whole hog.  The cost is based on live weight, that is the final price, Eggleston Farms will pay processor out of that. Your total cost for half hog will be approx. $625-750 and whole hog: $1100-1250.00

We cover standard butcher fees and offer free delivery to many locations. Custom cuts are available for 1/2 and whole shares. 

How to order: Go to Egglestonfarms.com and order half or whole hog at the price of $150-$250, this is your deposit. This will be go towards total cost once live weight is known. You will then receive an email with the anticipated slaughter date. Trackside will then contact you to review your desired cuts. Once cuts are ordered it can take 1-2 weeks to process depending on smoking and sausage preferences. Eggleston Farms will then pickup from Trackside frozen unless otherwise arranged and deliver out to you within a week. There is a extra 30$ if you would like it boxed by Trackside.

Feel free to call, text or email for any questions:734-776-6856, egglestonfarm@gmail.com