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Eggleston Farms

Fresh Foods for Fresh Meal

Who Is Eggleston Farms?

Nestled in the heart of Cynthiana, Kentucky, Eggleston Farms is the home to the Eggleston family, raising over 9000 Cornish Rock Chickens, nurturing egg-laying hens, heritage pork to provide healthy foods to the Northern Kentucky area all the while maintaining a transparent business model. Owners Donald and Patricia Eggleston strives to provide a wholesome operation to the community. 

What We Stand For

Pasture Raised

Our chickens are pasture-raised in abundant fields packed with natural organisms like ants, crickets, and bugs-alike. Fresh grit and rock that aids in their digestive system to ensure healthy growth. 

Healthy Meals

By offering pasture-raised chickens to our community we are not only providing local meat but providing care, respect, and safe meals to the individuals in our community who continue to support us.

Wholesome Practices

We provide a top of the line environment for our animals. Giving them a home where they are safe and free to roam as they please. The chickens also have continuous access to fresh clean water 24/7.

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