purchase over $30.00 free delivery, use "sausage" for sausage discount
purchase over $30.00 free delivery, use "sausage" for sausage discount
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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery procedures: Lexington area deliveries are delivered out on Tuesday and Northern Ky and Ohio are delivered out on Thursday. On day of delivery please leave a cooler out your order will be placed in. We have your product in a refrigerated bags with freezer inserts. If you don’t have cooler out we will leave it in the bag. Please leave bag out for next delivery and will will rotate bags.

what if I miss delivery day: please email me and I will see if I can accommodate your delivery on another day. Egglestonfarm@gmail.com

Subscription App: you are able to order items under subscription and get a discounted rate. Pick weekly/bi-weekly (fortnightly)/ monthly. You should receive a email once subscription started. If you need to pause or cancel subscription t anytime just go into subscription through email. You can add to existing subscription, either a one time order or another subscription. See below.