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Egg Subscription, every week
Egg Subscription, every week

Egg Subscription, every week

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Egg Subscription, delivered  bi-weekly

  • Kentucky Proud Free-Range
  • Available in different varieties based on meal preferences
  • Delivered Frozen, Proven Sealed for Freshness
  • Non-GMO feed
  • Antibiotic Free and Hormone Free 

All chickens are pasture raised, curiously free to roam on their own through the grasses and fields to hunt for all the bugs and weeds, rocks and grit, and whatever their hearts desire. We maintain transparent operations on our farm - no secrets, just good practices - something the big corporations can't give you. Our chickens have access to a local, non GMO, high quality and continuous flow of fresh water.  Supplemted  with veggie table scarps and non gmo, no antibiotic, no hormone fed